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Nerdy Gamer

I have to say I probably agree with you on this, I am totally at fault for being the "Armchair Designer".

I myself am a programmer, but I program Automation systems which is pretty simplistic compared to a video game. I usually get those request of how someone would like the system to work and it pisses me off to no end when they have absolutely zero understanding of what it takes to get them what they want.

The only stance that I take differently than the approach of your blog here is I usually like to interface with my users and educate them on why their idea is stupid... Without actually making them feel stupid.

Here would be my suggestion to a game developer that gets pissed off when they read these types of things... Don't create a thread in a forum with the title "What features do you want to see?" or "What do you like or dislike?" these give the platform to "Armchair Designers".

Look forward to more post in the future! Thanks for sharing your thoughts & humor.


I'd say that you don't have to 'argue' with them, but you could engage with any points made and point out (with specific examples) why they wouldn't work in this case.

In this way you can show that games design is actually a skill, that you have to think through the impact of suggested changes on all the areas in the game, and people will respect you all the more for it.

Obviously it takes time though, but if the same points come up again you can point people back to your previous answer.

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