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Very nice tutorial,
i'm looking forward to next part !

A few (minor) questions :
1) All defined sections are readable. Otherwise, as you say, it would crash.
--> So, what's the use of not readable sections ?

2) section 'imports' import data readable
Well, i had the feeling that we are importing functions, not "data". So why is this "import data" ?

Stephen Nichols

Thanks for the kind words. Let me answer your questions:

1) I can only think of one reason for making non-readable sections. Imagine you're making a program that has some extra "meta data" associated with it. You might only want that data to be readable by some external loading program, and not your own code. In that case, it might be useful, but it's a stretch...

2) Good observation on the "import data." You can actually drop the "data" option there and use "import readable." I just included the "data" option out of habit.

I'll be posting the next tutorial in a couple of days, so stay tuned!


i always wanted to be a coder. i'm a turkish and coding is a new deal in our country. i wanted to be a coder since when i was in the elementary school. but our resources for programming was too low. i am a law student now, so you could say that i lost that train long ago. but i'll do my best learning how to code from your website and some others. at least as a hobby. thanks for sharing mate, i'm grateful, i don't think you'd care that though :) keep up the good work

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